There is new down payment assistance program available in NC to help first time home buyers buy a house! This program is offered from the NC Housing Finance Agency and allows you to use up to $8,000 towards your closing cost or down payment.  There are no payments to be made, there is no interest charge, and there’s no expectation that you will have to repay ANY of the money you receive for down payment, unless you move out of the property or refinance within 10 years.  This program is offered in all 100 counties within North Carolina and you must use a preferred lender.

Qualifications :

  1. You must be a First Time Home Buyer (those who have not owned a home as their principal residence in the past three years).
  2. You must have  a minimum Credit Score requirement of 640.
  3. The Maximum Sales Price $250,000 and can be used for existing and new construction single family homes.
  4. Your annual household income must not exceed the allowed limits which vary by county and household size.  In Mecklenburg County for a 1-2 person household, the income limit is $70,000.

If you would like additional information or would like to see if you qualify for this awesome opportunity call me at 704-649-3754 or complete this form!!!